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Creating Layouts

Custom MDX Blocks layout components can be created to extend the styling capabilities beyond what's included in this library. A layout component consists of a nested components context along with root element styles and the ability to manipulate child elements.


The core component of MDX Blocks layouts is the Block component. This component should be used as the root of any custom layout component.

// example custom layout
import React from 'react'
import { Block } from 'mdx-blocks'

export default ({ children, ...props }) =>
      // add styles for the root element
      // add styles for child elements


The Box component is a layout primitive that can be used to add internal layout structure to a block. It's similar to the Rebass Box component and accepts Styled System props.

// example with Box component
import React from 'react'
import { Block, Box } from 'mdx-blocks'

export default ({ children, ...props }) =>
  <Block {...props}>

Children Utilities

One of the core features of MDX Blocks is the ability to manipulate children for styling purposes. MDX Blocks includes several utilities to help parse MDX child elements.

  • getType(el) returns the mdxType of a child element
  • isHeading(tagName) returns true for strings that begin with h
  • isImage(el) returns true if the element is type img
  • getImages(children) returns a filtered array of child images
  • getNonImages(children) returns a filtered array of child elements that are not images
  • getImageSource(children) returns the first props.src from child images
  • chunkElements(test)(children) chunks a flat array of children based on the test function
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